Ananias Vision,Inc is a separate non-profit entity from Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. Just as attorneys are expected to provide Pro-Bono services each year, it is Per Diem Law Solutions' philosophy that justice should be affordable to all individuals without considering race, religion, and/or economic status. 

Therefore, Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. performs pro-bono paralegal services on a case by case basis for attorney customers serving the incarcerated, as well as the economically challenged populations in the following law genres:
• Foreclosure                                 • Social Security
• Immigration                                 • Criminal Expungeme
• Bankruptcy                                  • Child Support Issues
• Consumer Debt                           • Prisoner's Treatment issues
• Wills Estates                                • Protection from Abuse Issues

​​​​​​​Ananias Vision, Inc. is a faith based non-profit organization networked with churches, social service agencies, business, and individuals and depends upon tax deductible donations and grants to provide services to the incarcerated population. The owner is a member of the Pennsylvania Prison SocietyNo legal advice is rendered to anyone. It is the policy and intent of Per Diem Law Solutions, Inc. to work with and refer clients to its attorney customers on behalf of the incarcerated and/or economically challenged general public.

Please feel free to contact Ananias Vision, Inc via phone (717) 354-3436 or email for further details.